“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.”

– A.J. Materi


Essentia Natural Health is a dynamic naturopathy practice designed to help you feel the best you possibly can – naturally.

We’ll guide you to better health by focusing on the right nutritional and lifestyle factors unique to you and your life.


About Us


Essentia Natural Health was created with you in mind. Our goal is to help you feel the best you possibly can - naturally and with love, care & support.

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Sara Do


Sara incorporates a professional and nurturing approach in her treatments, combining both scientific and traditional knowledge. Her focus is on holistic healing rather than just treating 'parts' of your symptoms. Her work is ultimately to support you in achieving abundant energy, health & well being.

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Naturopathy has many areas in which it can help you!

Click below to read more about the amazing and profound benefits that naturopathic care has to offer.

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  • Holistic approach to wellness
  • Recharge, Revamp, Revitalise
  • Before, Birth & Beyond
  • In-Clinic & Online


Check out what others are saying!


  • She’s very attentive and caring and up to date with all the new information. My pregnancy went very smoothly under her care. I recommend her to all my friends.”

  • “I’m really happy with the way Sara treated me. She’s a very professional naturopath and she really goes out of her way to help her clients. So thank you so much Sara, you’ve really changed my life.”

  • “I cannot recommend her highly enough. Especially if this is your first foray into Naturopathy, Sara will prove to be a fantastic ambassador to her profession.”

  • “Sara is so knowledgeable and caring in her approach which is both practical and attentive to the smallest detail. Thank you Sara for all of your care and support.”

  • “I rarely get sick anymore and I can proudly say I have been a vegetarian for 3 years and am feeling the best that I have in a long time. I would very highly recommend Sara to anyone that needs health advice as I am living proof of the wonderful work she does.”

  • “Sara was professional and thorough in her diagnosis and consistently followed up to see how I was going. I would recommend Sara’s services to anyone who wants a trusted practitioner who will be able to get you results.”

  • “Thank you Sara for your guidance and support in improving my painful inflammatory condition. You have a caring & holistic approach which offers wonderful results.”

  • “I’d recommend Sara to anybody who is looking for a passionate, dedicated and thorough naturopath, who is willing to stay updated with the latest research – especially in fertility care. She’s great and has always made me feel comfortable, what more could you ask for?”


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