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Right to Decline Provision of Services

Sara Do reserves the right to decline, for lawful purposes, entry into all programs and consultations offered by her in connection with the provision of her services in relation to her business, and may do so at her complete discretion. A lawful purpose for rejection of the provision of services by Sara Do, although not limited to, may include clients who do or might possibly pose a risk or threat to the proper administration of the provision of services undertaken by Sara Do.


Definition Section

Provision of Services: For the purposes of the “Right to Decline Provision of Services”, provision of services is taken to include naturopathic consultations undertaken by Sara Do, which include nutritional advice, herbal medicine recommendations, and any other matter Sara Do considers within the scope of her business.

Right to decline: For the purposes of the “Right to Decline Provision of Services”, right to decline is taken to include rejection of a position within a program or appointment run by Sara Do, notwithstanding that the relevant monies have been paid. Upon return of the monies to the person in question and before the complete provision of the services in question have been undertaken, Sara Do may decline to provide the services earlier agreed upon.